9 Best Kitchenware You Need In Your House

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1) Always Pan

This beautiful pan can be substituted for eight traditional cookware in our house * It comes in 11 colors and 2 Selena Gomez collection * Comes with a stainless steel steamer basket * Comes in a lightweight construction

2) Flipping Platter

Flip anything from tahdig to concon in a 180 degrees style * Comes in 3 colors and 3 artwork * Made with ceramic stoneware * Height is 1.36 in and diameter is 12.6 in

3) Drinking Glasses

Made from recycled glass and sand and is perfect for your wine, coffee, and ice cream * It comes in 8 colors and 2 Selena Gomez collection * Can be stacked * Comes inset of 4 or 8

4) Full Of Pride Mugs

Share a perfect morning with your loved ones in this traditional collection mug made by Viviana Matsuda. * Made with ceramic stoneware * Comes with 11 color pride flag * 3.5 in height and 4 in wide

5) Precise Paring Knife

Paring like a pro with this small knife that can be used to mince garlic or peel mangoes * It comes in 6 colors * Comes in a 26-degree blade angle * Made with premium German stainless steel

6) Beechwood Spoons

Comes in a set of two and can be used to stew, stir, and taste * Made with 100% natural beechwood * Coated with food-grade mineral oil * 30cm in length, 6.8cm in width, and 1.8cm in height

7) Fry Deck

Make frying easier and make sure your food is oilless with this fry deck * It comes in 5 colors * Weight is only 1/3 lbs * The cast aluminum is coated with ceramic

8) Spruce Steamer

This easy to cleanup steamer can be used to steam from fish to vegetable * Comes with 15 paper liners and a bamboo chopstick * Made with a bamboo base

9) Tiny Bowls

Use this bowl to keep your sauces or smaller treats. * It comes in 3 colors * Can be stacked * It is oven safe

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