Top 9 Tabletop And Portable Electric Grill

Nothing could be more difficult than dragging a grill for some barbeque cookout. Tabletop grills are portable alternatives that you can easily move from one place to other. You can prop it up on the elevated surface and grill your food easily. Similarly, an electric grill is another portable grilling option that is a must-have in the modern kitchen. In this article, we have shared the top 9 TABLETOP & PORTABLE ELECTRIC GRILLS that can take your grilling game to the next level.

Best Tabletop And Portable Electric Grill

1. Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill (1560 Watt)

This particular electric grill offers 280 sq inch of cooking space and comes with heat retention liners that are made of aluminium to prevent heat from escaping. The 120 Volt portable electric grill is super easy to use and is best for camping and small space apartments. Also, the removable pan makes it easy to clean.

2. Blaze Portable 21-inch Electric Grill (1500 Watt)

The best part about this grill is it comes with sixty minute shut off timer for safety purposes. It has a 274 sq inch cooking area and a 1500 watt heat element. Further, it comes with other cooking equipment like warming racks, heavy cooking rods and flame tamers. If you are looking for a high build-in quality grill, this one is the best for you.

3. Maverick Electric Grill With Warmer Racks And Windscreen (1500 Watt)

Made with 304 stainless steel, this is one of the highly durable electric grills you can buy on a budget. High-efficiency infrared technology allows the temperature to reach 482 F within a minute. The ribbed ceramic glass is not only good to look at but is also scratch proof.

4. Americana 1500 Watt Electric Tabletop

If you are looking for a tabletop grill for versatile cooking then go for this one. It has a pedestal base which sits on any surface. The basic features include thermostat control, reflector pan and a pre-assembled grill bowl and hood.

5. Cuisinart Electric Tabletop Grill (1500 Watt)

This particular grill is perfect for a family of 4. It comes with a locking lip & spill-resistant tray and can be assembled within just five minutes.

6. Coyote Portable 18 Inch Electric Grill

This is a highly versatile design which comes with a ceramic briquette flavourizer in order to create even eta distribution from every end. Further, the non-stick coated surface ensures easy cleaning without any mess. The grill also has a sixty-minute safety timer to ensure maximum safety.

7. Fire Magic Tabletop Electric Grill (1800 Watt)

It comes with a precision thermostatic control and a thermometer probe. The inner liners are removable and dishwasher safe. For max heat concentration, the grill comes with triple insulted wall body.

8. Americano Lock & Go Electric Grill (1650 Watt)

For different cooking options, the grill comes with adjustable heat control. The USP of the product is the wooden handle that does not heat up while cooking.

9. Electric-chef Emerald Tabletop Grill (3520 Watt)

Made with high-quality stainless steel, this particular grill is highly durable and can be used in places where the gas grill is not allowed. If you are looking for a clean grilling option yet do not want to compromise on the smokiness that traditional grilling offers, you can go for this product.