7 Ready-to-plant Seedlings For The Gardener In You

If you consider yourself as a plant parent or take care of your own garden, then you often find yourself in search for new plants to add to your collection. If you are losing your sleep wondering which variety will be your next, then you can come to the right place! As next, 7 ready-to-plant SEEDLINGS that are considered as must-haves by every plant enthusiasts have been mentioned for your better shopping experience.


1. Oregano (Summer, Spring, And Fall)

Your favorite seasoning for pizzas and pastas will now be available in your garden if you choose this type to go with. They are very easy to grow as it requires very little attention.

2. Viola Mix (Spring And Fall)

Do you like to showcase the dishes you cooked on your social media account? Then, you must find yourself struggling when it comes to the garnishing. Elevate the look of your dish with flowers from your potted Viola Mix.

3. Snow Pea (Fall, Winter, And Early Spring)

Looking for ingredients from your garden that can add depth to any stews or curry? Then you should plant snow pea plants that are full of many different health benefits.

4. Green Mix (In Mild Climates All Year Around)

Wasting money to buy packaged green mix for your salads? Avoid spending a fortune buying green mix by buying green mix SEEDLINGS for your garden. You will be getting a mixture of tatsoi, pak choi, Chinese cabbage, green and red mustard.

5. Lemon Balm (Spring And Summer)

Do you know that lemon balm can help you to reduce anxiety, stress, discomfort and pain from indigestion? Besides, it can even improve your sleeping pattern and appetite. So, it is definitely a must in your garden.

6. Romaine (In Mild Climates All Year Around)

Make your everyday salads fancier by adding Romaine you pick from your garden!

7. Cutting Celery (Fall, Winter, And Spring)

Stop spending money on supermarkets to buy cutting celery. Get authentic tasting broths, soups, stews and salads by planting this kind of SEEDLINGS in your garden.

There you have it; these were 7 ready-to-plant SEEDLINGS that have all the features to become a part of your garden. Confused about which one you should go for? Then, why not get more than one!