7 Top Traeger Grill Accessories For Your Convenience

Grilling your food is always healthy for your body as it contains less oil and in some cases no oil at all. The best grill experience is doing it outdoor. and the best is using a wood-fired grill. To use this type of grill you need the best accessories and today we will list 7 Traeger grill accessories for your convenience

1) Traeger Apple Bbq Wood Pellets

This pellet comes with a fruity smell that will make your grill food better taste * Can be used to grill poultry, pork, baked goods, and vegetables * Comes with no binders and low ash * Comes in a 20lb bag

2) Traeger Timberline 850 Grill Cover Full Length

No matter rain, wind, snow, or sun this cover will protect your grill * It is water-resistant * Made with an all-weather material

3) Traeger Pallet Sensor

This sensor will notify you in case the pellets are running low * Can be mounted directly into the hopper * Comes with LED light * Easy to install

4) Traeger Anything Rub

This rub can be used to season anything from meat to vegetables and eggs * Blended with salt, pepper, garlic, and spice * It is kosher

5) Traeger Sugar Lips Glaze

This herbal BBQ sauce is ideal to give the sweetness to any meat * Comes in a 22 oz bottle * Great for glazing meat

6) Traeger Grease Bucket

This bucket can be used to catch all the drippings from the grill and can be perched at your undercarriage * Made with galvanized steel * Compatible with all Traeger models

7) Traeger Smoke Shack T-shirt

This premium fit t-shirt comes in black color with an orange color logo * Comes with custom collar details * Made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester

Whenever you think of a wood-fired grill you will think of Traeger. They are the number one dealer of all accessories associated with outdoor grilling.