9 Durable Custom Covers For Your Grills

They are many types of custom covers for grills. Grills are good for cooking but it is very important to cover them after use or before use from the outside element. Today we will list 9 durable custom covers for your grills.

1) Outdoor Island Kitchen Covers

This cover can fit all types of outdoor island kitchen grill * It is UV resistant and waterproof * Comes with 3 years warranty * The weight is 12 oz

2) Standard Grill Covers

Any standard grill can be covered with this. * Comes with custom tie-down options * Comes with easy access handles

3) Built-in Grill Covers

This cover comes with a total height of 14 inches and a drop-down height of 5 inches * Comes with elastic on four corners and handles * Made with tear-resistant fabric

4) Outdoor Bar Island Covers - Design 4

Can be used both indoors and outdoors * Made with PVC coated polyester * No water leakage due to the double-stitched design * Can be personalized with a logo and text

5) Square/rectangle Smoker Covers

Used for smokers of all designs and can be personalized * Made with 1000 deniers and PVC coated polyester * Comes with multiple tie-down options

6) Outdoors Pizza Oven Covers - Design 1

If you have an outdoor pizza oven then you need this cover * Made with 600/1000 denier melange * Made to withstand harsh weather

7) Side Burner Cover

The best and most durable cover for your side burner * Comes in 7 types of fabric * Ideal for moderate weather

8) Kettle Covers

The cover is made for the kettle and it is tear-proof * Can be easily taken off and put on * Comes with tie-downs

9) Offset Smoker Covers

Made for any smoker set and size or shape and it is mildew, tear, and abrasion-resistant * Comes with easy access handles * It is water repellent

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