7 Best Coffee Makers

Do you want to brew coffee more effectively at home? Worry no more! This article is all about the best coffee makers that are especially shortlisted for you.

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1. Moccamaster coffee maker:

This coffee maker comes with a maximum capacity of 40 ounces, cone filter type, 5 years of warranty, the gold-cup standard temperature of brewing, and drip stop automatic function.

2. Breville brewer precision coffee maker

This model comes with multiple size settings and filter types. It also has multiple brew profiles and a gold-cup mode that is SCA certified.

3. Breville brewer precision coffee maker (tribute edition):

This model comes with the cold brewer, a manual system of pouring over, and a single cup of coffee maker. This edition includes a spray head (for use with a Kalita or V60 pour-over), an adapter, large basket filter compatibility, four steel, and cone filters.

4. Technivorm KBT741 brewer

This model comes with a thermal carafe and it is among the few drip brewers that are certified by the SCAA for brewing at optimal temperature. It also has a cone-type filter and 8 cups size capacity.

5. Ratio coffee maker (six drip):

This is a classic model that contains standard filters- flat bottom, steel carafe (volume oriented), and a tube boiler. It has a capacity of 40 ounces and insulated carafe.

6. Breville brewer precision coffee maker (thermal carafe)

This model has multiple drip brew methods. It accepts multiple sizes of brew between eight and sixty ounces and has four regular or cone filters (flat bottom)

7. GrowlerWerks Nitro uKeg coffee maker

It uses N2O cartridges of compact sixteen gram and an regular cap along with a nitro cap (integrated).