7 Home Security Gadgets With Smart Features

Home security is important and should not be neglected. While most people limit their investment to just cameras, there is more you can do to stay safe. Cameras and sensors go well together but you should also look at smart thermostats or complete solutions that include all of them.

7. Ecobee SmartCamera

The Ecobee Smart camera is a versatile little gadget. It can be connected to your home wireless router, enabling you complete remote access. It can detect smoke and has a 180-degree field of view. It can be placed anywhere around the house as long as it has access to wireless internet and a power outlet.

6. Ecobee SmartThermostat

Ecobee decided to make their thermostats better by adding a smart component. The smart thermostats they make are intelligent enough to learn and adapt to your habits. They can be automated and can be controlled remotely.

5. Ecobee SmartThermostat Premium

The Premium version of the Ecobee smart thermostats comes with a few extra features. On top of the standard features, the premium feature also monitors air quality and has a larger touch display. The model also comes with an occupancy sensor that allows it to better adapt to your needs.

4. Ecobee SmartSensor

Besides cameras, sensors also help improve home security. The smart sensors from Ecobee come in a set of two. They can be installed on doors or windows. Ecobee made their sensors detect entry and motion and send automatic notifications. The sensors can also notify you if a door or window is left open.

3. Ecobee Motion and Occupancy Solution

The Ecobee motion and occupancy solution comes as a kit that includes a few extra sensors which will complement your security system. With two extra occupancy sensors that can communicate with smart thermostats and two window and door sensors, you will benefit from a complete home security solution.

2. Ecobee Home Security Solution

The home security solution from Ecobee includes all the essentials. You get the benefit of smart cameras and sensors that you can access 24/7 over the internet and that you can automate and control as you see fit. The system is very easy to install and takes little effort to configure.

1. Ecobee Whole Home Solution

If you are just starting to automate and build your home security, you should be looking at the Whole Home Solution from Ecobee. It comes with 2 sets of motion sensors, 1 occupancy sensor, 1 camera, and 1 thermostat. All these cameras and sensors are easy to install while all smart thermostats from Ecobee work with all standard home heating systems.