6 Custom TV-Covers for You

Are you tired of the plain TV covers that don’t even match your home interior? Well, worry no more, as Covers & All has provided six custom TV-covers for you!

1. Covers & All Personalized TV-cover

Measure your TV dimensions before you redirect to this website for personalization. They'll be sure to weave and produce a cover that perfectly fits your television. You can also change the color or design as you'd like. The customized cover comes with a remote and split velcro storage for maximization. The cover is also scratch-resistant for easier maintenance and a lengthy span.

2. Covers & All TV-Covers for 70-73" Television

This customized cover is made specifically for televisions with a ranging 70-73 inches measurements. It is made from high-quality materials and built with weather resistance capacities. It has an available remote control slot and additional covers to protect wirings. It also has a delicate lining and is scratch-resistant like the first one.

3. Covers & All TV-Covers for 60-64" Television

This TV-Cover offers the same customization options as the recent ones, but this is specifically for 60-64 inches of television only. It is available in abrasion-resistant material. The fabric is also breathable, so it's ideal for televisions that become hot over time. You can get this cover in a wide variety, so rest assured you will have the design you prefer.

4. Covers & All TV-Covers for 18-21" Television

This TV-cover is explicitly made for 18-21 inches of television only. It comes with resistance from water leaking fabric to shield your television from getting soaked. It comes with a slot for the remote control so you won't lose it and provides additional covers for wirings.

5. Covers & All TV-Covers for 22-25" Television

No matter what brand your television is, as long as it is 22-25 inches in size, this is a perfect TV-cover for you. It is in a fabric with a soft lining to protect the television from scratches. It has remote control slots and wire covers for protection.

6. Covers & All TV-Covers for 26-31" Television

This premium and customized TV-cover is made to fit those ranging from 26-31 inches. It has a tailored fabric to resist scratches. It also comes with a zipper and slot for remote controls.