Tips To Getting Started Door Decoration

When it comes to decorating your dorm door, there’s no such thing as too many pictures or pieces of flair. The best part about decorating your dorm door is that you don’t need supplies other than a few push pins and some tape if you want to make something static cling.

Here are a few ideas and To Getting Started Door Decoration.

1. Make a plan

Decide what you want to do and how you will do it. Please post your ideas on the door or outline them, so everyone will know what is going on.

2. Order supplies

If needed, order all of your important equipment and supplies ahead of time, so there won’t be any problems like being out of stock or no money for things like tape or paint (if it’s expensive).

3. Be prepared for mistakes

If all fails, learn from your mistakes! Clean up as soon as possible, make sure nobody slips on anything, move breakables away from people who might bump into them etc. You don’t want anyone getting hurt because they slipped on paint or got hit by a flying object that was mishandled and hit someone.

4. Get everyone involved

This is not just your door! Get everyone in the class to make it theirs. Ask for input, ideas and suggestions from them! It can turn out amazing with a little teamwork and creativity.

5. Decorate safely

Make sure nobody gets hurt while decorating (watch where you step). Don’t use anything that can ruin or eat through the paint. If there are any concerns about that, use plastic underneath the decoration for protection. Also, make sure all decorations are securely attached, so they don’t fall off when anyone goes in or out of the room.

6. Make sure the decorations are not permanent

If you’re using tape, make sure it doesn’t leave residue. And remember, this is temporary so if paint or other permanent items are used, try to keep them at a minimum and clean up as soon as possible.

7. Clean up after yourself

Takedown decorations, don’t leave any evidence behind that there was ever anything on the door (like scuff marks), put away all supplies, clean up water/ paint mixture thoroughly etc.

8. Group work

Even though you’re a part of one group for the assignment, it doesn’t mean that everyone has to do everything together or separately, even! You can divide into groups with people who have similar ideas and then share supplies to make it work, or if you have people who would rather not do anything, then that is their decision, and they don’t have to help.

With a little planning, preparation and creativity, some pretty cool door decorations are possible! Have fun, be safe and have an amazing time decorating!! Thank you for reading this article. I hope it helped you on your way to creating something great with your friends.