Top 7 Weighted Blankets To Enhance Your Sleep

Weighted blankets are excellent for sleep improvement because they give you a better sleeping experience. We have compiled some of the best products to enhance your sleep and style.

Cotton Napper

This napper will help you sleep better as it is made of natural cotton material. It is not for winters only because you can use it for all seasons as it has breathability. It works well because the weight of the blanket enhances melatonin production. The company offers free shipment for the product.

Tree Napper

We call this product tree napper because it is made of TENCEL material. It wicks away the moisture and improves comfort. This fabric is more absorbent than cotton. This material is made from eucalyptus wood fibers.

Valvet Napper

It is a soft-to-touch napper that feels velvety when you touch it. It is not made the same way as the other plastics. The company collects the ocean-bound plastic to make this napper. It is famous for its lustrous finish. You can get it in six different colors.


These are lightweight blankets to improve sleep in children. You can get it in four different colors. Most weighted blankets are above 25 lbs. This piece is special because you can get it in 6lbs and 8lbs options. It is made with a hundred percent cotton.


This blanket is made for couples who want to enjoy better sleep together. It is big enough to cover two persons from head to toe. There is no need to buy two nappers for each of you. It is made of 95 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex.

Travel Napper

It is a compact weighted blanket for people who travel a lot. You can take this blanket on your journey and enjoy the benefits. You can get it in five different colors. It is only available in the 10 lbs option. It is designed for a single person.


It is a stress-relieving knot pillow to keep with your weighted blanket. You can get it in small, medium, and large sizes. They activate some pressure points when you hug them making it easy to sleep.